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Dreamy Bundle

Dreamy Bundle

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Head in the clouds? This Dreamy collection is cozy vibes. Our Feeling Bundles are designed to evoke the perfect mood for you, while providing a variety of caffeine levels and tea types.

The Dreamy Bundle includes a full-size bag of each:

Sweet Dreams (herbal tea)

  • A sweet and soothing herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, and licorice root, meant to help you wind down for sleep.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being tucked into warm sheets after a very long day.

Sunrise Glow (green tea)

  • A¬†soothing, tart, and citrusy combination of lemongrass, eleuthero ginseng, hibiscus, and green tea.
  • Feels Like:¬†Soft pink skies and birds chirping as a new day breaks.

Rainy Bookstore (black tea)

  • A delicious blend of earl grey tea and dried lavender, hand-mixed to offer a floral twist on a cozy classic.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being in a small bookstore down a cobblestone road with soft music playing in the background.

Cloudy Day (black tea)

  • Single-origin¬†Chinese¬†black tea processed in the gongfu style.¬†
  • Feels Like:¬†Watching grey clouds roll in while rain starts to gently fall.


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