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Calm Bundle

Calm Bundle

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Feeling stressed or overwhelmed? Our Calm collection is just what you need to help you get grounded. Our Feeling Bundles are designed to evoke the perfect mood for you, while providing a variety of caffeine levels and tea types.

The Calm Bundle includes a full-size bag of each:

Sweet Dreams (herbal tea)

  • A sweet and soothing herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, and licorice root, meant to help you wind down for sleep.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being tucked into warm sheets after a very long day.

Garden Party (green tea)

  • Single-origin Chinese green tea.¬†Signature chestnut and vegetal flavors mingle with notes of butter and honeysuckle.
  • Feels Like:¬†A round of croquet on a freshly cut lawn.

Rainy Bookstore (black tea)

  • A delicious blend of earl grey tea and dried lavender, hand-mixed to offer a floral twist on a cozy classic.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being in a small bookstore down a cobblestone road with soft music playing in the background.

Terrazzo (white tea)

  • A cozy blend of Chinese white tea, earthy sage, and sweet and floral lavender, all uplifted by a hint of citrus.
  • Feels Like:¬†Lying on a velvet couch in a cozy modern cabin, with shining terrazzo floors surrounding.


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