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Boxed Sachets

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The premium flavor of loose-leaf tea in the convenience of a disposable sachet.10 sachets per boxAvailable in the following favorites:Rainy Bookstore -A delicious blend of...

The premium flavor of loose-leaf tea in the convenience of a disposable sachet.
10 sachets per box

Available in the following favorites:

  • Rainy Bookstore -A delicious blend of earl grey tea and dried lavender, hand-mixed to offer a floral twist on a cozy classic.

  • Bubblegum - Pineapple and mango flavors make this tea fruity and deliciously sweet. Butterfly pea flower creates a fun and beautiful experience.

  • Sweet Dreams - A sweet and soothing herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, and licorice root, meant to help you wind down for sleep.

  • Chai -A cardamom-forward masala chai. Best enjoyed sweetened with steamed milk.

  • Fresh Air -A classic blend of Chinese gunpowder tea and mint. The gunpowder imparts a flavor of earthiness with some herbal notes, anchoring the brightness of the mint.

  • Golden Hour - Spicy and lively turmeric plays off the notes of lemongrass, fading into the sweetness of licorice, all couched in the warming heat of ginger.

  • Bouquet Bloom - Tangy, refreshing, and delicious! The tartness of hibiscus is balanced by the sweetness of blueberry, with rooibos giving body and notes of currant.

  • Terrazzo - A cozy blend of Chinese white tea, earthy sage, and sweet and floral lavender, all uplifted by a hint of citrus.

Benefits of our Sachets:

  • Made from high-quality full-leaf tea

  • Generous portion for optimal extraction

  • Delicious and full flavored

  • Sachets are made from vegetable starch and completely plastic free making them 100% compostable

  • Tastes fresher longer

  • Whole-leaf teas can be re-steeped - so you can enjoy again and again!

Customer Reviews

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Lynsey Pippen

Excellent customer service and speedy shipping! We created a self-serve "tea bar" with Color Theory during our store grand opening and it was a big hit...especially that customers knew it was a local product! ~ Lynsey with Little Bus Books

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