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Sachet Bestsellers

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Steep & Sip. Try a month+ worth of all of our bestselling sachets. Bundle includes the following teas:

Rainy Bookstore (black tea)

  • A delicious blend of earl grey tea and dried lavender, hand-mixed to offer a floral twist on a cozy classic.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being in a small bookstore down a cobblestone road with soft music playing in the background.

Sweet Dreams (herbal tea)

  • A sweet and soothing herbal blend of chamomile, lavender, and licorice root, meant to help you wind down for sleep.
  • Feels Like:¬†Being tucked into warm sheets after a very long day.

Fresh Air (green tea)

  • A classic blend of Chinese gunpowder tea and mint. The gunpowder imparts a flavor of earthiness with some herbal notes, anchoring the brightness of the mint.
  • Feels like:¬†A deep, cleansing breath.

Bubblegum (green tea)

  • Pineapple and mango flavors make this tea fruity and deliciously sweet. Butterfly pea flower creates a fun and beautiful experience.
  • Feels Like:¬†A sweet reminder of your youth.


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