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Our Partners

As part of our mission, we are committed to donating 5% of sales to a mental health organization of your choice. Not sure which one to pick? Learn a bit more about each of our partners below. 



Local Partner - Peace River Center

Peace River Center (PRC) is a licensed and accredited, non-profit provider of mental health, substance use, and integrated medical services serving Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties. PRC provides options for people struggling with mental health and substance use, for children and adults coping with the trauma of abuse and violence, crisis intervention for people in acute need, and housing and community support and integration for people affected by domestic violence or whose recovery requires more support and time. PRC offers inpatient, outpatient, home-, school- and community-based services, telehealth, and mobile programs to individuals, groups, and families. PRC’s dedicated and compassionate staff of more than 400 operate 36 programs out of 27 locations and provide 24/7 emergency psychiatric response services to the community through our mobile psychiatric Crisis Response Team. In FY2020, Peace River Center had contact with and provided services to more than 21,500 children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. For more information visit



 National Partner - The Foundation for Art & Healing

The FFAH is a nonprofit organization that mobilizes partners and the public to embrace the arts as a proven path towards improved personal and public health. Rooted in medicine and science, they develop applications for utilizing creative arts expression as a remedy to national health issues. Through collaborative partnerships and innovative programs, they serve communities by providing arts-based programs and resources that improve well-being.

The Foundation for Art & Healing champions and engages creative arts expression as a path towards improved health and well-being for individuals and communities. They do this by creating awareness of how the arts can address health issues, designing and offering creative expression-based solutions, and partnering with organizations to fund, develop, and distribute programs that deliver measurable results. Read more about the work The FFAH is doing at

If you are in an immediate crisis, please call or text 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline If someone you know is in danger, please call 911.

For general mental health concerns, call your primary care provider and ask for an initial screening or referral to a specialist.

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