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Whimsy Bundle

Whimsy Bundle

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The Whimsy collection is perfect for adding a little joy to your kitchen counter. Our Feeling Bundles are designed to evoke the perfect mood for you, while providing a variety of caffeine levels and tea types.

The Whimsy Bundle includes a full-size bag of each:

Bouquet Bloom (herbal tea)

  • Tangy, refreshing, and delicious! The tartness of hibiscus is balanced by the sweetness of blueberry, with rooibos giving body and notes of currant.
  • Feels Like:¬†Freshly bloomed flowers in your hands on the first day of spring.

Bubblegum (green tea)

  • Pineapple and mango flavors make this tea fruity and deliciously sweet. Butterfly pea flower creates a fun and beautiful experience.
  • Feels Like:¬†A sweet reminder of your youth.

Sunshine (black tea)

  • A total fruit bomb, with tons of floral flavors that elevate an everyday black tea.¬†
  • Feels Like:¬†Waking up to sun rays peeking through the windows and feeling excited about the day.

Mint Chocolate Chip (herbal tea)

  • Your favorite ice cream as a tea! Rooibos is blended with peppermint, roasted cacao nibs, and dark chocolate flavoring.
  • Feels Like:¬†A sweet summer day on the pier! (Ice cream included.)


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