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  • Matcha Tin
  • Matcha Tin

Matcha Tin

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Feels Like: A burst of fresh ideas (and the energy to start working on them).

Tastes Like: Grassy, Nutty, Mellow

Origin: Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
The matcha you know and love in a bigger and better airtight tin! Unlike other teas where the leaf is being steeped and discarded, with Matcha you are consuming the entire leaf. This makes a single serving much higher in caffeine, equal to that of coffee. All matcha is made from high-grade, shade-grown green tea leaves that are ultimately ground into powdered form. The resulting tea powder is traditionally whisked into hot water, instead of steeped, to form a frothy drink. Because the window for production is quite limited and production so labor-intensive, matcha tends to be a more expensive tea. The act of preparing, presenting, and sipping matcha is part of a traditional Japanese tea ceremony called "chanoyu."Our matcha is premium-grade which has a heartier flavor that stands up better to milk and sweeteners than ceremonial matcha. It also can be used as a culinary ingredient for delicious baked goods! 

Total Weight - 40g (20 servings per tin)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My favorite!

This is my favorite! It’s so smooth and makes the perfect lattes (iced and hot)! I made this for my friend who is a barista and she said it’s the best matcha she’s had!

Paige Wagner
Best matcha ever

I love this matcha! So smooth and great iced or hot! Will be ordering more


Always great service and product!


A affordable and delicious matcha! It’s perfect for iced matcha lattes! The amount in the tin should last me awhile. Love it.


SUCH a quality matcha and works really well with making iced matcha lattes! You also don’t have to use a lot of powder so it goes a long way. Very pleased with it overall!

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