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By Nicole Maddock

Colors We Love for Spring

It's officially spring, and that means it's time to start thinking about color! What color scheme will you be using to brighten up your life this season? We'll be rounding up some of the colors that have us most inspired for the spring season! Picnics, fresh flowers, and iced matcha, oh my!

From soft pastels to bold brights, we've got a color for everyone. So whether you're looking to add a little color to your life or completely overhaul your look, we've got you covered. Keep reading for our tips on how to use these colors in your everyday life!

  1. Sand Bar

A light teal with a pop of green is a perfect color for this season. Blue brings a sense of calm & a feeling of expansiveness (think about the ocean!), while green represents a fresh season of growth. Here’s how I’d recommend you add this color to your life:

  • Home: throw blankets, large coffee table books, curtains, towels, wall paint

  • Wardrobe: funky earrings, rubber sandals

  • Other: work notebooks, funky pens, desktop screensaver

2. Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Orange meets light pink for a citrusy-rosey feeling.

  • Home: chunky mugs, wall art (printed posters), linen sheets

  • Wardrobe: sailor pants, matte heels, button downs

  • Other: plant pots, water bottles

3. Arriving Home After a Long Day

Muted purple hues express a feeling of calm with a touch of whimsy.

  • Home: throw pillows, comforter, hand towels, taper candles

  • Wardrobe: denim jacket, high waisted shorts

  • Other: phone wallpaper, dog collar

4. Sandy Toes

Warmer than pure white, this shade creates a feeling of cleanliness and peace.

  • Home: waffle towels, area rug, ceramic vase

  • Wardrobe: jacket, wide leg pants

  • Other: scrunchies, slippers


5. Beach Blanket

Like an orange creamsicle, this shade creates a fun and bright feeling!

  • Home: armchair, throw pillow, abstract art

  • Wardrobe: flowy top, leather loafers, vintage tee

  • Other: kitchen utensils, pots and pans

6. Leaving an airport at your destination

A very light pink creates a feeling of nostalgia and joy!

  • Home: knitted blankets, funky vases, candle jars, patterned wallpaper

  • Wardrobe: cropped tee, cocktail ring, striped top

  • Other: phone case,


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