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By Nicole Maddock

DIY: What to do with Leftover Tea Leaves

Here are 4 AMAZING DIY ideas for what to do with your leftover tea leaves!


1. Sprinkle leftover leaves (green, black, and white teas) directly onto plant soil! Tea leaves contain lots of nitrogen which is a necessary element for promoting plant growth! Works best with Cloudy Day & Garden Party

2. Use leftover leaves to create an herbal facial steam! Dry out the leaves and store until ready to use. Then, pour into boiling water, drape a towel over your head and lean over the steam. It smells amazing, cleanses, improves circulation, and helps open your pores which makes your skin more receptive to serums and masks! Best used with Bouquet Bloom, Golden Hour, & Terrazzo


3. Use as a fridge deodorizer! Simply dry the leaves, place in an open jar, and store in the back of your fridge (combine with baking soda for extra deodorizing strength!). Best used with Fresh Air.


4. Make a pillow spray! Soak spent leaves in distilled water for a few hours. Add some witch hazel for natural anti-bacterial properties, store in a spray jar and spray on your pillow at night before bed! So relaxing! Works best with Sweet Dreams, Rainy Bookstore, and Terrazzo.


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